Alessandro Cesco Bolla

Personal Trainer qualified in sports activities, who prescribes exercises, motivates and sets goals on an individualized basis, taking into account the physical conditions and objectives of each person.

Having a training professional is essential to know initially in what physical shape you are and from what level of training to start. We prescribe the right exercises and intensities for you, according to your goals. We can motivate you and set goals according to your level.

The execution of your exercises will be supervised at all times and oriented to achieve your goals in the fastest and least harmful way. You will get a greater sporting and even personal motivation.


Esther Navarro Toledo TDMM AEGM  1.785

Qualified professionals in adventure and mountain sports (hiking, trekking, Nordic walking, via ferrata, canyoning, climbing, orienteering, survival, etc...). Experts in planning, development and integral execution of strategies created to improve health, generating wealth through the development of activities and programs having as a common thread the promotion of health, physical activity, inclusion and environmental sustainability of nature.

We make sport a fun and healthy pastime that should be practiced by everyone, at all ages, regardless of condition or ability. Improving social, intellectual and physical skills: general coordination, help with body posture, development of spatial orientation, development of strength, endurance, flexibility and muscle tone, improving the level of learning and self-esteem. Contributing to the adoption of healthy life habits.


Libertad Díaz nutritionist member CV00063.

Our nutritionist will help you set goals, define strategies and ultimately adopt nutrition habits that correspond to your lifestyle, your tastes, your pathologies and your needs.

Learn how to identify the type of diet you have and what are all those negative aspects that you should correct. Nutritional counseling is a basic tool when it comes to acquiring healthy habits to ensure success in any of the nutritional goals you set for yourself.

Start working for your health. This service is aimed at people who want to improve their performance, achieve a personal objective, a sports goal, take care of themselves during an injury, improve the symptoms of their illness or simply improve their body composition.


Patricia Medina García psychologist CV 12.998

We propose therapy in nature (Mountain Therapy) through adventure. Our aim is to achieve that any person, regardless of sex, age, condition or training, begins to enjoy the benefits of a route or a simple walk in the mountains, improving their quality of life. Mountaineering can achieve psychological changes, stress reduction, aggressiveness discharge. It also achieves a better social integration and feel in our body lost sensations such as: sensations of when we were children.

It has been proven that nature helps to reduce our daily stress. Just as hiking helps to reduce negative and obsessive thoughts. We are continually filled with distractions and a stressful pace of life. So, reducing those distractions is an advantage for mental health.

Even if you are a person who has never set foot on a mountain, the important thing is to get close to the mountain, to have a real contact with it. And any mountain, no matter how small it may be, can be used to begin to benefit from all that this environment has to offer.

"The world belongs to those who dare".