Montaña y Salud offers you activities in nature, nutritional advice, training adapted to your physical condition, psychological therapy, chiropractic care. All under medical supervision, we take care of you in an integral way. You no longer need to be an athlete to have a team of experts at your disposal. Tell us what you need and we will analyze your situation, circumstances and preferences.

We organize your getaway made exclusively for you, your family, friends, etc... We have the adventure activities, choose the one that best suits your needs and get ready to have a great time.

We guarantee safety and apply first aid when necessary, we program and teach basic mountaineering techniques, we collaborate in the promotion of health and nature conservation in the mountains.

Our goal is to be your guide and help you find the balance you are looking for.

Service Options: On-site and/or Online

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Hiking is not an overexertion, it can be done by absolutely everyone.

The muscles of the legs and abdomen are toned, without increasing muscle mass.

Improves mood, eliminates anxiety.

It improves rest and controls appetite since it prevents the release of cortisol, which is what causes anxiety at meal time.

Reduces the risk of suffering from chronic diseases, caused by a sedentary lifestyle. A simple walk reduces those possibilities by half.

It reduces inflammation in the joints, as it is not a high-intensity activity.

Improves the pumping of the heart, without reaching the maximum heart rate. Lowers blood pressure and improves intestinal transit.

It improves peripheral vision, very important for people who work at a computer and who get the retina used to focusing on a small distance for many hours.

It improves the work of the immune system, so it protects you from common infections and diseases.


Trekking improves physical condition, walking, rock climbing, climbing hills... it is an effective workout that improves our strength and agility.

Regular practice can increase cardiovascular strength, the heart must pump harder to maintain the activity level.

Walking releases adrenaline, secretes endorphins and reduces tension and anxiety. Reduces obesity, it is one of the best ways to lose or maintain healthy weight. If the impact of running on your knees or ankles does not suit you, this will be your ally exercise to achieve your ideal weight.



This sport allows you to work and improve cardiac capacity.

It is an excellent resistance sport for health and for lasting weight loss.

It is a non-aggressive exercise that, at the same time, allows you to move almost all the muscles of the body, both the upper and lower trunk, while participants can socialize with each other.

There are very few outdoor sports that allow you to improve your breathing capacity and at the same time make all the muscles of the body work. It works the muscles of the shoulders, arms and abs, as well as the glutes and thigh muscles.


Snowshoeing can burn more calories than walking.

Recommended sport for those looking for a fun, low-impact workout.

Snowshoeing provides important health benefits, such as:

Exceptional cardiovascular exercise: burn up to 1000 calories per hour!

Low impact muscle building.

Increased resistance.

Balance strengthening and agility. Improves the feeling of well-being by connecting with nature.


Sports and adventure activities provide us with new sensations that help us disconnect from everyday life and get out of the routine through leisure and sometimes also physical effort. The goal is for you to have a good time and enjoy a different activity in contact with nature.

That is why we offer you activities such as Canyoning, Climbing, Vias Ferratas, Adventure Circuits, Alpine Skiing, Horse Riding, Canoeing, etc... so that you can choose the one or those that you most want to do or try.


Mountain, Bushcraft and Survival School, team of trainers passionate about mountains and nature, professionals dedicated to training with years of experience and eager to share their knowledge and willing to learn with you.

Construction of shelters and applied knots.

Construction and creation of Fire with various methods.

Basic and emergency orientation techniques.

Location, purification and water management.

Food in real survival situations.

Location and processing of natural resources, etc...


Perfect itineraries to visit our heritage if you are interested in culture, history and even gastronomy. Routes in which you will learn about the memory, diversity and richness of our populations. Promoting sustainability that protects our cultural heritage by delving into traditions.


Environmental education serves to raise awareness among people about the importance of taking care of the planet.

Education is the best tool to change the world. It provides us with tools to understand the main challenges of the planet, their causes and the consequences of looking the other way.


The term "shinrin yoku" literally means "absorbing the atmosphere of the forest." It is a popular practice in Japan and the Far East.

Various studies confirm the physiological and psychological benefits of this practice. For example, the mood improves, the stress hormone (cortisol) decreases, the immune system is strengthened, etc...


The benefits of practicing mindfulness in the mountains are:

Self-control of stress and anxiety.

Enrichment of personal relationships.

Optimization of our ability to perceive.

Correction of bad posture in the back

Increase in our level of concentration.

Improved rest and insomnia problems.

Development of creativity.